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Campo Tribal Offices

The Campo Indian Reservation is governed under authority of the Campo Constitution passed by the tribal community on July 13, 1975. Under the Campo Constitution the lawmaking authority for the Band is exercised by a General Council comprised of all adult members (18 & older).

An Executive Committee of elected members executed policy and resolutions passed by the General Council. Some powers of the General Council have been delegated by resolution to the Executive Committee, however, all matters involving the leasing or selling of tribal assets must go to the General Council for approval.

The Executive Committee is elected by the General Council to four year terms.

Chairman Ralph Goff rgoff@campo-nsn.gov
Vice Chairman Harry Paul Cuero hcuero@campo-nsn.gov
Treasurer Marcus Cuero  
Secretary Annah Ceballos  
Committee Member Brian Connolly  
Committee Member Vanessa Parkhurst  
Committee Member Steven Cuero  

Council members may be reached through the Tribal Office: (619) 478-9046