December 15, 2006


The Campo Tribe contributes nearly $30,000 to Mtn. Empire School District      The Campo Tribe contributes nearly $30,000 to Mtn. Empire School District
The Campo Tribe Contributes Nearly $30,000 to Mtn. Empire Schools

Campo, California –On December 13, 2006, the Campo Kumeyaay Nation awarded the Mountain Empire Unified School District a contribution of nearly $30,000 which will be used for improvements in the athletic field and to create a district wide attendance incentive program for students in the Mountain Empire unified school district.

The checks were presented by tribal Councilman Michael Connolly and Councilman Christopher Thornton on behalf of the Campo Kumeyaay Nation.  Nearly one hundred tribal students from the surrounding Campo, La Posta and Manzanita tribes attend schools in the Mountain Empire school district.  MEUSD Superintendent Patrick Judd and school board members accepted the contribution with much appreciation and thanked the Tribe’s generosity and their trust that both programs will be a success for students who attend school in the back country.

The first grant awarded by the Tribe is for the improvement and expansion of athletic facilities and equipment at the Mountain Empire Junior Senior High School located at Buckman Springs Road.  This will assist in the enhancement of the Scorer’s Booth located at the football field as well as provide equipment for the men’s and women’s track and field program, a fast growing interscholastic sport program in the Mountain Empire High School campus which currently has 45 students actively involved in the athletic program.

The second grant has been awarded to the district wide Student Attendance Incentive program.  Currently the student population in the Mountain Empire school district is 1722 and the attendance percentage is at 91.5%.  Although a projected loss of revenue is seen in the following year due to absences and a decline in enrollment, the Tribe believes the creation of the Student Attendance Incentive program will not only support students from surrounding communities, but will also encourage tribal students from the Campo, La Posta and Manzanita Reservations to stay in school and succeed academically.  Included in the program is the purchase of a wide array of promotional items that will entice students to be in school every day, as well as reward staff members that support improved attendance with their actions.  This program will cover pre-school through twelfth grade students.


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