December 8, 2009

Contact: Nancy Murphy
(202) 222-8908


CAMPO KUMEYAAY NATION Lightning Storm Impact on Wind Turbines

    Overnight on December 7, 2009, a severe lightning storm struck the Campo reservation, damaging at least two wind turbines on site. One turbine’s blade was split and a second turbine lost a portion of a blade.

    Despite the severity of last night’s storm, the damage to the wind turbines was minor. The blade debris and damage were contained within the project site. There was no resulting property or personal injury damage outside the project site, in the reservation or in the neighboring community. As a precaution, all turbines on the Campo reservation are currently offline pending inspection.

    It is expected that the undamaged turbines will go back online soon. Any turbines damaged by lightning will remain offline until a full assessment of the damage is conducted, repairs are completed and it is determined they are safe to resume operation.

    All turbines are under warranty from the manufacturer, Gamesa, and all repair work will be completed by them. Security has been posted at the entrances to the project site until further notice to ensure public safety.


The Campo Kumeyaay Nation (CKN) is one of twelve Kumeyaay Bands in the County of San Diego, California. They are a gaming tribe and owners of the Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center. CKN was one of the first tribal nations to join The Climate Registry as well as to measure and collect data on greenhouse gas emissions in the region. In partnership with San Diego Gas & Electric, a subsidiary of Sempra, and Invenergy, CKN will jointly develop and operate the first phase - 160 MW - of an eventual 300MW wind energy expansion project.

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