OCTOBER 12, 2006

Campo Kumeyaay Nation & Campo/Lake Morena Business Association
Hosting largest Regional Candidate’s Forum in East County

DATE:                        Saturday, October 14, 2006
                                    1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

LOCATION:              Golden Acorn Casino (Off I-8 East)
                                    Events Tent
                                    1800 Golden Acorn Way
                                    Campo, CA 91906

INFORMATION:     The Campo Kumeyaay Nation and the Campo/Lake Morena Business Association will provide the Tribal and surrounding communities the opportunity to meet and question candidates running for elective offices that represent the Mountain Empire region.  Candidates from the federal, state, local, unified school district and community planning groups will be present to answer voter’s questions before Election Day on November 7, 2006.

PARTICIPANTS:      Congressman Bob Filner, 51st Congressional District
                                    Senator Denise Moreno-Ducheny, 40th District
                                    Dan Litwin for 51st Congressional District
                                    John Rinaldi for 52nd Congressional District
                                    Michael Benoit for 52nd Congressional District
                                    David Walden for State Senate 40th District
                                    Janice Jordan for State Governor
                                    Forrest Hill for Secretary of State
                                    Margie Akin for Secretary of State
                                    Mary Lou Finley for State Board Equalization, 3rd District
                                    Jean Bates for Campo Planning Group
                                    Rick Northcote for CampoPlanning Group
                                    Debra Ford for Campo Planning Group
                                    Wally Palmer for Campo Planning Group
                                    Denise Morse for Campo Planning Group
                                    Pat Noblitt for Campo Planning Group
                                    Danny Nunez for Mtn. Empire Unified School Dist. Area 5
                                    Kenneth Northcote for Mtn Empire Unified School Dist. Area 3
                                    Rob Romero for Mtn. Empire Unified School Dist. Area 3
                                    Beryl Buchanan for Mtn. Empire Unified School Dist. Area 4
                                    Ralph Davis for Mtn. Empire Unified School Dist. Area 1
                                    Jason Taylor for Boulevard Planning Group
                                    Mary Savary for Boulevard Planning Group
INFORMATION:     To assist with campaign materials and literature, tables will be                                        available on a first come, first serve basis.

                                    Refreshments and food will be provided.
                                    THIS EVENT IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE GENERAL                                      PUBLIC.

CONTACT:                Racquel Morrison
                                    619-478-9046 Ext. 227
                                    619-985-0524 Cell



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