OCTOBER 10, 2006

CONTACT: Racquel Morrison
(619) 478-9046 ext. 227

Chairman Cuero’s Letter to the Boulevard Community
An Historic Opportunity

On November 7, 2006, we have the opportunity to convert our Sponsor Group into an elected Planning Board.  This Boulevard Planning Board area includes most of the main portion of the Campo Indian Reservation.  Please join me and Supervisor Dianne Jacob in supporting the creation of this elected body. 

As the greatest generator of State and County taxes in the new Planning Board, the Campo Kumeyaay Nation is understandably interested and vested in ensuring that the money generated from our lands is used responsibly and in the best interest of the residents of our communities.  We promise to be active in ensuring that the Board represents the interest of all the residents.

As supporters of individual and communal property rights, we have lent our support to like-minded community members.  We have voiced our concerns regarding the County 2020 plan and its impacts to our community.  We have also been active in supporting candidates for School Board who will put the interests of our children first, above the petty bickering and infighting.

In the next weeks you will no doubt be inundated with false and misleading rhetoric.  Some candidates will avoid talking about what they stand for by attacking and attributing false positions to their opponents.  Others will try to scare you with talk of massive urbanization, groundwater catastrophe or other such tactics.  While there can be true issues within all these topics; we need open, honest candidates to make real progress for our communities.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to usher in a new period of accountability.  Make candidates tell you where they stand on issues such as:

  • The County taking value from your property without compensation, such as the 2020 plan.
  • The County taking billions of dollars of value from back country property by abandoning their responsibility for road maintenance.
  • Allowing the uncompensated down-zoning of your property and restricting your usage without compensation to please those individuals who enjoy looking on your land as open space.
  • Creating a viable comprehensive tax base to meet the needs of our school district.

Don’t fall victim to sound bytes and jingoism!

Slow growth, growth at a rural pace, smart growth, etc., are all empty phrases until you make the candidates give you the details of what they mean.

Please vote this November 7th.

H. Paul Cuero, Jr.
Campo Kumeyaay Nation


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