July 19, 2007

Referring Letter: PDF Donna Tisdale to Chairman Cuero  [July 4, 2007]

Dear Ms. Tisdale,

On behalf of the Campo Kumeyaay Nation, Chairman Cuero asked me to respond to your inquiries from your last letter (see attached), dated July 4, 2007, which was received in our tribal office by facsimile.

Your letter is puzzling for several reasons. First, you refer to comments by Councilman Connolly in August of 2006. Subsequent to that date, there have been meetings of the Source Basin Task Force and the Boulevard Planning Group (which I attend), where there have been opportunities for you to bring up issues of concern and requests for information. We have also provided updates on projects on the Reservation, including the Hotel. You mention tentative dates that Mr. Connolly provided regarding the hotel project in August, 2006, without mentioning the subsequent updates that we have provided directly to you at the source basin meetings. Mr. Connolly has generously contributed his time in providing updates to local community groups. Many times these plans are very preliminary. Why you would mention the original projection without the subsequent update gives the appearance that you are trying to distort the true record.

During the same meetings we have repeatedly stated that we will be distributing the Environmental Evaluation to State and County agencies, including the local planning groups. We are not going to provide a copy to you as the Backcountry Against Dumps (BAD), President, but you will have a copy as Boulevard Planning Group President. They will be out any day now.

We have not finalized our sources for financing for the sewage treatment plant. Why is that of concern or relevant to your mission in BAD? Do you wish to write a letter of support for public funding? We would welcome and appreciate such a letter from you. You have asked EPA and us directly several times about the federal regulatory role for the sewage treatment plant. It has not changed. We have also offered to meet with the County to discuss a more formal cooperative role in ensuring compliance with existing standards. The County has not felt the need to move in that direction.

You claim that there are problems with the existing wastewater system and the discharge. Please give us the information immediately regarding those problems so we can investigate and address them. You made a statement regarding our former Class IV operator. We do not discuss personal employee information. He no longer works for us and is eligible for rehire. We currently have two Class I operators working at the facility and a Class 3 operator that provides periodic support from the Rural Community Assistance Corporation.

All of this information could have been provided in the existing community forums. In the past, we have found that information regarding the Reservation is often distorted or blended with malicious gossip when it is relayed by third parties. That is one of the reasons why we endeavor to provide information directly to those concerned when possible.

Your subsequent email concerning our CEPA Director falls under our policy stated above. The employee resigned and is eligible for rehire, all other employee information is considered personal. We are currently advertising for a replacement and cover the position with interim employees. The Source Basin meetings are planned to resume by fall of 2007.

Racquel Morrison
Director of Communications
Campo Kumeyaay Nation

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The Campo Kumeyaay Nation is one of twelve (12) Kumeyaay Bands in the County of San Diego, California. They are a gaming tribe and owners of the Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center. The Campo Nation are proud leaders in renewable wind energy (Kumeyaay Wind), in Indian Country and has recently joined The Climate Registry as the FIRST Tribal nation to measure and collect data on GHG emissions in the region.


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