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An informative guide to the gaming regulatory of the Campo Kumeyaay Nation.

The Campo Tribal Gaming Commission
1800 Golden Acorn Way
Campo, CA 91906

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 310
Campo, CA 91906

Phone: 619-938-6076
Fax: 619-938-6109

Patron Disputes

Whenever a disagreement arises between a patron and the Golden Acorn Casino over winnings, losses, or transactions regarding any gaming activity, the patron should immediately bring the matter to the attention of the casino management.If the matter is not resolved to the patron's satisfaction, the patron has the right to file a dispute with the Campo Tribal Gaming Commission, and should do so  as soon as possible. The patron should ask to see one of the Gaming Inspectors, who are on duty in the casino during all hours of operation.

Ralph Goff
Vice Chairman
Harry Paul Cuero
Marcus Cuero
Annah Ceballos
Committee Member
Brian Connolly
Committee Member
Vanessa Parkhurst
Committee Member
Steven Cuero

Public Relations
Campo Kumeyaay Nation
36190 Church Road, Suite 1
Campo, CA 91906

Tel: (619) 478-9046
Fax: (619) 478-5818

The Inspector should gather all information and conduct an investigation. Some follow up investigation may be required. The Inspector may make a determination immediately or may advise you that final determinations will be made by his superiors.In any event, you have the right to an investigation and the Campo Tribal Gaming Commission has the obligation to make a fair and impartial resolution of the matter and advise you of their determinations.In the event the patron is unsatisfied with the outcome of the investigation, the patron may appeal to the Campo Tribal Gaming Commissioners within thirty (30) days for further review. The Commissioners will decide whether or not to review the decision and will notify the patron in writing.

Dedication and Integrity: An Introduction to the Campo Tribal Gaming Commission

The Commissioners

The Campo Tribal Gaming Commission is an autonomous branch of the Campo Tribal Government and consists of three Tribal members elected by the tribe's General Council. The Commission reports only to the Tribal Government and is completely independent of the gaming operation. The Commissioners serve three-year terms and are responsible for ensuring the Tribe's gaming operations are compliant with Tribal, State and Federal regulations. The Commissioners conduct hearings regarding licensing actions, patron disputes, and exclusions. The Commission also oversees the Campo Tribal Gaming Commission which has onsite enforcement authority for compliance and regulatory issues.

The Commission

The Campo Tribal Gaming Commission is responsible for carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Commission. The Commission is staffed with skilled and experienced gaming inspectors, background investigators, and compliance personnel.Our staff is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of gaming integrity, protecting Tribal assets, and ensuring patron safety.The Campo Tribal Gaming Commission is also responsible for the following:

  • Developing and enforcing Minimum Internal Control Standards
  • Enforcing compliance with Tribal, State, and Federal gaming regulations
  • Ensuring audits are conducted
  • Maintaining the integrity of the gaming machines through both Agency and independent testing and certification
  • Impartially investigating patron disputes regarding gaming activity
  • Conducting background investigations on employees and vendors doing business with the gaming operation
  • Issuing gaming licenses to employees and vendors
  • Enforce compliance with licensing sanctions, fines, and if necessary, seek prosecution

Who regulates Indian Gaming?

Authorized by the 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), Indian gaming is subject to oversight or regulation by several agencies.

The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), has enforcement authority over Class II gaming such as bingo and poker. The NIGS also invokes Minimum Internal Control Standards that must be followed by the Tribes in conducting Class III gaming such as slot machines and table games.

Pursuant to the compact between the Campo Kumeyaay Nation and the State of California, The California Department of Justice Division of Gambling Control may monitor tribal regulatory efforts. They may also assist with investigations if requested by the Tribal Gaming Commission.

Recognizing the Tribe's sovereignty, the NIGC and the State of California recognize the Campo Tribal Gaming Commission as the Tribe's onsite regulatory enforcement authority. The Campo Tribal Gaming Commission enforces compliance with the requirements of IGRA, the NIGC MICS, and the Compact, as well as all Federal, State and Tribal gaming laws and regulations.

Contact Information:


Athena Prieto
Laura Quaha
Brian Connolly II

Chief Inspector

William Moffet

Background Investigator

Philip Degrande

Administrative Secretary

Helen Moreno